When Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, it might be challenging to know where to start.

You can be battling some severe wounds.

You’ve probably already discovered how quickly your medical expenses will mount.

But you also understand that you should be able to receive compensation for your damages and injuries if the accident wasn’t your fault.

But should you attempt to claim your losses on your own?

Or is hiring an Atlanta personal injury lawyer a good idea?

You might always make an effort to settle the dispute on your own.

If you have a car accident lawyer on your side, you’ll have a lot better chance of maximizing your settlement and receiving a substantial financial prize.

So, how soon should you consult a car accident lawyer after suffering a personal injury?

When to employ a lawyer to defend you in a vehicle accident case is not a decision that can be made with precision.

As a general guideline, you should talk with and employ a car accident lawyer if you ever feel uncomfortable managing your claim independently for any reason.

In the following article, we’ll discuss when it makes the most sense to hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your car accident case.


You Have To Negotiate With Insurance Companies

The driver who caused the accident and their insurance provider will be held liable for any damages, including medical costs and car damage, if someone is injured in an accident.

If you are injured in an accident, your insurance company will be your primary source of compensation.

Everybody has seen the TV commercials and marketing efforts from insurance companies that give the impression that they are on your side.

The insurance provider is against you.

Insurance firms are for-profit enterprises that must turn a profit to remain in operation.

It follows that paying out as little money as feasible is advantageous for business.

When a consumer initiates an insurance claim, they cannot earn a profit by paying the maximum benefits.

Because of this, insurance firms will stop at nothing to give you the smallest payout.

They think paying you absolutely nothing is the best-case situation for them.

Daily injury claims are handled by insurance companies, who also created the procedure.

They are therefore fully capable of influencing the system to their advantage.

Bringing in a vehicle accident lawyer with experience with injury claims is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Your lawyer can foresee the insurer’s strategies and make them follow the rules.

something that needs assistance.

Insurance companies are more likely to make fair; reasonable settlement offers when you have legal representation.

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You’ve Been Blamed for the Car Accident.

Because they are aware of what it would entail for their insurance costs, no one wants to be held accountable for an automobile accident.

Everyone involved in the vehicle collision and their insurance companies will accuse others of being at fault and point fingers.

Because of this, even if it seems evident that the mishap wasn’t your fault, you should be ready to take the fall for it.

These accusations will hinder your ability to obtain compensation if you aren’t prepared to refute them.

Remember that Georgia is a comparative fault state as well.

Therefore, your compensation for your injuries depends directly on your role in the event.

Your degree of fault may cause the amount of money awarded to you to be lowered.

Even worse, you won’t receive anything if other parties and their lawyers can assign all of the blame to you.

However, retaining legal counsel will defend you againstaccident is conductedinds of allegations.

Your lawyer can ensure the entire investigation of your accident is conducted by professionals.

The investigation can provide light on what led to the disaster and who is really to blame.

Your lawyer’s discovery of facts during an inquiry may prove invaluable as you pursue compensation.

The Accident Has Caused You Emotional Distress

After an accident, you may seek both economic and non-economic compensatory damages.

The most obvious damages are economic ones.

They cover items with a special price or worth.

This covers your medical expenses, the cost of fixing or replacing damaged property, and the cost of any lost wages.

Non-economic damages are given to make up for far more ephemeral and difficult to quantify injuries.

Non-economic damages are far more challenging to evaluate because they can’t be quantified like economic damages, like lost earnings, can.

They can include pain and suffering and emotional discomfort, including PTSD, sadness, anxiety, and loss of consortium, and they can vary significantly from one case to the next.

It would help if you always dealt with a lawyer with experience calculating non-economic losses when negotiating a settlement because non-economic damages are challenging to quantify in monetary terms.

Waiting costs money.

When determining whether or not to hire a lawyer following an automobile accident, there is one more thing to think about.

You could spend a lot of money if you put off hiring counsel.

This is so that the evidence will be less “fresh” the longer you delay contacting a lawyer. That makes it challenging for your lawyer to look into the who, what, and how much.

The accident area will be cleaned up, first responders will move on, and witness memories will fade.

The proof and the maximum amount of money you might hope to collect will diminish with time.

Additionally, each state has a statute of limitations. This law establishes the rule of regulations for filing a lawsuit by accident victims.

You have two years from the date of your injuries to launch a lawsuit under Georgia’s statute of limitations.

This implies that you must ensure your case reaches the proper court before the two-year deadline.

However, your claim could not be worth anything if you put off hiring legal counsel after a car accident.

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