When are Property Owners Liable for Injuries?

What legal recourse do you have in Georgia if you trip or slide, fall, and sustain injuries while on someone else’s property, that means when are property owners liable for injuries? such as a motel, shopping center, grocery store, or parking lot? Can you get paid for this? Will you require reliable legal counsel from an Experienced premises liability attorney?

Both of those questions have a “yes,” but keep reading since anyone can sustain a significant injury while on someone else’s land.

After you’ve been evaluated and treated by a medical practitioner, if you were harmed in a trip-and-fall, slip-and-fall, swimming pool accident, or even if a dog bit you and caused injuries on someone else’s property, talk about your case with an Experienced premises liability lawyer.


How Should You Report An Injury On Private Property?

Depending on where the accident and injury occurred on private land, you must report it in a specific manner. Try to alert the property owner or the manager of the building, facility, or store. Accident report forms are already printed for major businesses, lodging facilities, restaurant chains, and amusement parks.

When you submit an accident report, keep it brief, adhere to the facts, and leave out anything that could make you appear at fault or careless. Get legal advice before making a formal statement, signing a legal or insurance document, or accepting any compensation offer. 

What Details Will Your Liability Attorney Need?

If you are hurt in an accident on someone else’s land, no lawyer will be present to counsel you. Therefore, you need to start assembling some indisputable proof right away.

It would help if you recorded these in writing:

1. a description of your injury

2. The incident’s time, place, and date

3. The name of the medical professional who examined and treated you.

4. a list of witnesses’ names (if any)

5. a list of all recipients of your accident report

During your initial legal session, your attorney will need this information if you decide to sue the property owner to recover damages.

Why Is an Immediate Medical Examination So Important?

A prompt medical assessment is necessary even if there is only a remote chance that you were wounded in the trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall occurrence. Some injuries can be challenging to find, and some may be weeks before they manifest as a severe medical issue.

An initial medical examination following a trip, slip, or fall accident also generates medical documents that you’ll need if you decide to subsequently pursue a premises liability claim.

A property owner’s attorneys may argue that your injuries aren’t serious if you didn’t seek urgent care if you file a claim for damages without a prompt medical assessment within 24 hours of the accident — and a jury might agree.

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What Else Will You Need To Prevail With An Injury Claim?

Take pictures of the accident scene and the precise location of your injuries, if you can. Additionally, make an effort to get any witnesses’ names and contact information. If you file a premises liability lawsuit, your attorney might require statements and testimony to support your claim.

Don’t wash any clothing that was ripped during the accident or that has blood stains on it. Keep them and let your lawyer know. The victim’s clothing might provide important information regarding the cause of the accident and the victim’s injuries in many premises liability lawsuits.

The insurance provider for the private property owner where you fell or slipped and suffered injuries will undoubtedly get in touch with you. Send those phone calls to your attorney, a skilled negotiator who is knowledgeable about the strategies used by insurance companies.

How Are Premises Liability Claims Resolved?

Premises liability lawsuits seldom end up in court. Typically, an agreement agreeable to both parties is negotiated in private by the attorneys for the two sides. Many firms are eager to settle these disputes as soon as possible to minimize potential bad publicity.

However, your attorney might advise going to court if an acceptable settlement offer is not offered during the out-of-court negotiations. The injured victim’s attorney must prove one of the following to win a premises liability case at trial:

1. The owner did not adequately secure the property.

2. The property owner was negligent in their failure.

3. The harm done to the victim directly resulted from negligence.

In premises liability cases, the owner will be held accountable and be required to compensate the victim for damages if the property owner had the opportunity to eliminate a hazard while knowing about it and having the time to do so.

What Is The Deadline For Taking Legal Action?

If you are hurt, do not wait until the two-year statute of limitations for a premises liability lawsuit in Georgia. As soon as you’ve been checked and treated for your injuries, choose the best premises liability attorney to take your case.

Because evidence might deteriorate or even vanish over time, you must take action right away. Memories fade, and witnesses disappear or are difficult to locate. The sooner you hire a personal injury attorney, the better your chances are of winning your case.

Justice May Cost Less Than You Think

If you don’t think you can afford a competent attorney’s services, consider this. No fees or obligations are associated with the initial consultation you have with a Experienced premises liability lawyer.

Injury attorneys in this state take cases on a contingent fee basis, so you won’t have to pay a fee unless and until your claim is successful and you receive compensation. Every victim of negligence harmed has a chance to seek redress in court thanks to the contingent fee system.

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