What Should I Do After Being Bit by a Dog?

Unfortunately, dog bites are a prevalent injury. Any person, regardless of age, has the potential to suffer severe injuries at the hands of friendly household pets when they bite an unwary victim. Dogs let loose or “at large” are subject to strict liability, though there may be exceptions depending on the situation. Because of this, you must immediately get in touch with a dog bite attorney & should ask the question what should I do after being bit by a dog?

It’s crucial to get medical attention immediately if a dog bit you. Even the slightest bump, cut, or bruise can develop into a severe injury if it is not properly treated immediately. Visit the emergency room or doctor immediately after being bitten by a dog. Nursing your wounds is a brilliant idea, but having your medical history available after the dog bite incident is also helpful.

It’s crucial to discover the dog’s owner next. The owner can provide information about the dog’s vaccination history, which will help reveal any important details you might need to know for your medical file. Knowing who the dog bite owner it is crucial to the success of your case because it is likely that they will be held accountable for their pet’s actions.

The next thing you ought to do is make a call to an Atlanta dog bite attorney. The Angell Law Firm provides free consultations with no commitments, which is something not all dog bite attorneys do. To get your initial questions addressed as soon as possible, you can call our office and make an appointment at no cost.

What Should I Do If An Insurance Company Contacts Me?

The likelihood of a dog owner having homeowners insurance coverage for their dog is very high. After the dog bite incident, the homeowner’s insurance company might contact you if a dog bit you on their property. If this occurs, don’t freak out.

The time, date, and location of the dog bite, among other details, may be inquired about in your dog bite claim. The insurance provider will try to elicit as much information from you as possible. You are not required to speak with an insurance company about the specifics of your accident in this case if you do not have legal counsel by your side. Take down the name, contact information, claim number and office address of the insurance provider for your records and the records of your attorneys.

Taking a large insurance company by yourself is never a good idea. Insurance companies will probably attempt to pay out the least amount of money possible to safeguard their customer, the homeowner, and the dog owner. Without legal counsel, you might not have a chance against the homeowners’ insurance provider because you need the knowledge and advocacy that only a skilled dog bite attorney can offer. The earlier you make the call, the sooner you can arm yourself with the necessary defense.

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What Kind Of Compensation Can I Receive After A Dog Bite Accident?

A dog bite victim may pursue various forms of compensation for a range of costs associated with the attack or dog bite they experienced. Your medical bills, such as co-pays to the doctor, the price of prescription medication, hospital visit bills, or any other costs associated with the medical care you require, may be covered with the aid of a lawyer. If your injuries are so severe that you will require ongoing care well into the future, you may even be eligible for compensation that covers those costs. This may include physical or occupational therapy, rehabilitation services, or the anticipated cost of additional doctor visits.

You lose money from your paycheck when you take time off to recover from an injury. Financial hardship may be experienced by you and your loved ones when an injury prevents you from working. Because of this, your dog bite attorney will fight to get you money for lost wages, so you won’t have to worry about putting food on the table or paying your bills while you recover.

As some dog attacks can be traumatizing or leave a victim so injured they are vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and mental health issues, you can also seek compensation for pain and suffering is particularly severe cases.

Because no two accidents occur under the same conditions, the compensation dog bite victims receive varies. Contacting an Atlanta dog attack attorney and setting up a consultation is the only way to get a good idea of how much money you might receive in a settlement. In many instances, the insurance company for the negligent party might not agree to a settlement with you until you have legal representation.

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