What If I’m In A Car Accident On Private Property?

What if I’m in a car accident on private property? is a common question that most individuals have. Private areas can be described as being located away from a road or a public building. These areas are not impervious to car accidents, and the injured party is entitled to reimbursement for damages brought on by the guilty party.

Depending on the circumstances, the cops might or might not show up at the site. But you must record everything, take pictures, and have any injuries examined.

Insurance companies can prefer to provide you with compensation that is less than the whole of your losses, both financial and non-financial. But with the correct legal advice, your claim won’t be undervalued.


Must the Police Come to an Accident Scene on Private Property?

In cases where a car accident occurs on private land, you don’t necessarily need to notify the police. However, if the collision caused damage to government property or someone was hurt or killed in an accident on private land, the police must respond and file a report.

If there is no police report, insurance firms can easily reject a claim. Having one, however, can help you in your quest for full damage compensation.

What if the offender sped off?

It can be frustrating if someone runs you off the road and doesn’t stop. Anyone can worry when they wonder, “How will I get paid for my injuries?” But it won’t be as difficult for the authorities to discover the perpetrator if you can get crucial information like the automobile’s color, model, and make and the driver’s look.

Even better is having a security camera on private property, as this might provide the authorities with additional pieces of evidence. Your lawyer can request personal injury compensation from the insurance company with the aid of the police report.

Should I check for injuries?

No matter how trivial you believe your injury is, it is vital to get medical assistance immediately to avoid the problem worsening. In addition, the medical report is one of the most important pieces of evidence your lawyer will need to pursue compensation on your behalf.

Also, remember that not all injuries are obvious and discernible at a glance. Everyone in the car or motorcycle needs to be checked up as a result, either right away or within a day of the collision.

Certain accident types might occasionally cause common injuries.

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Should I Call My Insurance First?

Get in touch with a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer to defend you before calling your insurance company. A personal injury lawyer can ensure you receive the full compensation you are entitled to, even when the insurance company might pressure you to accept an unfairly low settlement.

Making these calls as soon as possible, while your memory of the events is still fresh, is preferable.

Should I inform the property owner? 

It is required to notify the property owner whether or not they are at fault for the accident. They might offer extra details that could effectively pinpoint the problem. For personal injury lawsuits, things like on-site security cameras or witnesses’ statements (if they saw the incident) are advantageous.

How Critical Is Security Camera Footage?

The security film may be crucial in a circumstance where the at-fault driver contests their supposed role in the collision. Remember that the owner is not required to provide the footage because it is private property. However, the personal injury lawyer can subpoena (demand) it for legal reasons.

What Information Should I Document?

When pursuing full compensation, every piece of evidence counts. Make sure you gather information like

  • Observation devices (if present)
  • Contact information for any witnesses who were present at the scene of the accident
  • Images Time, date, place, and weather
  • Registration numbers of the involved vehicles
  • information about the drivers’ licenses of the vehicles
  • information about insurance

Why Are Photos So Important?

Maintaining proper records can assist your lawyer in handling and defending your PI claim and developing a defense that can secure full reimbursement. Photos are particularly significant since they

  • Determine who is to blame for the accident
  • Record injuries Highlight the accident’s primary cause and any additional factors that may have contributed.

Who Can Be Liable in a Private Property Accident?

The owner might be responsible for some of the damages if their property played a role in the accident. For instance, the owner’s insurance may be required to cover some of the costs if you were hurt in an accident caused by deteriorated direction signage or bad construction.

Even just owning a piece of land carries some level of liability. If a person is struck by an uninsured driver while shopping within a business, the building owner’s insurance may be required to pay for the damages.

One Driver

If it is determined that one driver is totally to blame, they will be held liable for all damages. For instance, full responsibility for hitting the car in front when the driver was tailgating

Both drivers

Sometimes, the accident may have been caused by both drivers. What each insurance company will pay depends on state laws.

Consult with a Professional for Legal Guidance

A private property accident can be perplexing and daunting, mostly since the police are not always there. Contrarily, insurance may provide you with less than you are entitled to. You need a lawyer to protect your rights because of this.

A personal injury lawyer is the only person who can truly comprehend your needs. There is no need to panic and hesitate if you are hurt in an accident. Contact a local personal injury lawyer who will provide all the legal advice you require.

Accidents are treated seriously by The Zox Law Firm. We conduct hospital and home visits and don’t collect payment unless you win.

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