What if a Co-Worker Lost Her Job After Filing for Workers’ Compensation?

It is illegal for an employer to terminate an employee solely because they have filed a workers’ compensation claim. This is known as retaliation, and it is illegal under federal and state laws.

If your co-worker has been terminated after filing a workers’ compensation claim, and you believe that the termination was in retaliation for the claim, your co-worker may be able to seek legal remedies. This could include filing a lawsuit against the employer for unlawful termination, seeking reinstatement to the job, or seeking damages for lost wages and other losses.

It’s important for your co-worker to speak with an attorney if they believe that they have been terminated in retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim. An attorney can review the specifics of the case and advise your co-worker on their legal options.

In general, it’s important for employees to understand their rights under the workers’ compensation system and to seek legal or financial assistance if they believe that their rights have been violated. An attorney or financial planner can provide guidance on the options available to them.

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