ICBC Insurance Renewal Process

Insurance renewal is a process of extending your insurance contract with your insurance company. In the case of every Insurance, you have to renew your insurance policy at the time of expiring. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a prominent insurance company for their car insurance. They only provide car insurance policies in their province.

In the case of ICBC’s Insurance, you also have to renew any kind of car insurance too. But the insurance policy renewal system is different here. They are providing 900+ broker for your insurance services so that you can easily be able to renew any kind of car insurance policy and know the whole process of Insurance through these brokers.

In this article, we will discuss the ICBC insurance renewal process.


ICBC Insurance Renewal Process:

At the first step of the ICBC renewal process, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) send their customer a renewal reminder. In this reminder, you will get every information you need to know to renew your insurance policy.

The outlines of your coverage, some information about your vehicle, the expiry date of your current insurance policy, and more other information about your insurance policy you will get in the renewal reminder of Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

You can renew your insurance policy in any of the 900+ brokers’ offices in the province. Another impressive thing is you can renew your insurance policy before 40 days of your current expiring date.

Generally, they provide insurance renewal reminder before 30 days of your current policy expiration. After receiving the insurance policy renewal reminder, you will be at the broker’s office as soon as possible with few documents which are given below:

  • Your Renewal Reminder
  • The essential documents of your Insurance
  • The B.C. driver’s license number and date of birth of all of your drivers, including you.
  • If you don’t have any B.C. diver’s licenses, then you will provide them with your drivers’ names, license numbers, and any legal document that issued the license.
  • If you think you are appropriate for the new discount of driving lower kilometers, you have to provide them with the proof.

These are the documents you need in your Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) ‘s insurance renewal process. After giving them these documents and all the premium and charges they required, the insurance company will complete the remaining process of your insurance renewal.

They will complete the other formalities they need. Once the renewal process is finished, you will get a confirmation mail from ICBC. Keep an eye on your mailbox for making sure your insurance renewal after providing them with all of their requirements.

The Policies of Insurance Corporation of British Columbia:

For buying or renewing the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) ‘s insurance policy, you have to know about their strategy first. Generally, they run three types of autorun insurance policies which are as follows:

One-year Autoplan Policy

This is the most sold policy of ICBC. A lot of people choose this policy. It’s much convenient for most users. Because most of the cases, your vehicles are on the road for the full year. That means every day you are using your cars. So, an accident can happen at any time of the year.

Thus, this policy is reducing your risk over the year. And you can pay your insurance premium one time in a full year. For these reasons, the one-year auto plan policy is the most popular length of an insurance policy of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

Short-term Autoplan Policy

This policy’s length is 3 to 11 months. Everybody doesn’t use their vehicle every day, or every car isn’t used every day. Some vehicles are used for a fixed time in a year. This policy is for them who use their cars for a short time in a year.

A considerable number of people also take this policy. They are using Insurance only while they are using their vehicles. They have to pay less for their short time insurance because their car is not used in the full year. It is convenient for another specific group of people.

Temporary AutoplanPolicy

This policy is for 1 to 15 days. Sometimes you need a vehicle for a few days for a trip or anything else. At this time, you can use this policy. This is also a good insurance policy. You don’t need to pay a lot of money for your Insurance or reducing your risk whatever you say.

Is it possible to renew ICBC insurance Online?

No! Generally, it is not possible to renew ICBC insurance online. ICBC doesn’t offer any online request for buying or renewing their Insurance. They spend a lot of money on their broker. They prioritize the direct application for obtaining or renewing their insurance policy through their brokers.

They spend up to 19% of their sale for the brokers. That’s why they force the customers to go to the brokers they appointed. You will get them very quickly in your province. A broker will also help them who will get into trouble in renewal issues like some payment problems. If you want to meet the broker, you can easily reach them.


Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a very renowned insurance company for their car insurance. People depend on them to buy and renew their car insurance policy. However, sometimes it is not easy to understand their processes.

In this article, we discussed the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) ‘s insurance renewal process in a secure way. After reading the article, you will be easily able to know the insurance renewal process of that corporation and renew your insurance policy.