How Long Does ICBC Take to Settle a Claim

How long does ICBC take to settle a claim? you might be interested to know that, read this article. ICBC is the short form of Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, which is invented by some British provincial authorities. It provides insurance facilities against road accidents and personal injuries. It claims a limited charge from its customers to operate its function.

In Britain, it becomes a tendency to look for personal lawyers in case of a car accident, which derives people from hiring their lawyers. The personal lawyer assists them in maintaining or look after all the legal claims as well as medical or repair costs. Before employing this type of lawyer, you must go under a settlement process.


What is the Settlement Process?

In the settlement process, both the clients and lawyers or respected insurance authorities have shown their consent on a mutual agreement. The agreement refers to all the information of clients as well as the company’s obligations. When both parties are acknowledged about themselves, a form is signed by them where the payable amounts and claimed amounts are written.

Though it is uncertain to predict the loss and the considerable claim, but based on the cases or incidents, it depends.

Time to Settle a Claim in ICBC

The amount level depends on the time of a settlement. If somebody gets well fully from injuries and confirmed by his or her therapists, then it is the right timing to settle the claim.

In general, most of the ICBC claims take two years long after an accident, which is known as a big deadline. Such an example of the application is made against the driver. If the accident happens outside the territory of British Columbia, there could be multiple deadlines and chances to consult with your lawyer.

Based on the nature of your car, physical and psychological factors, settlement negotiation relies on mostly. If you invest a smaller amount of settlement, it might not be cost-effective to hire any lawyer. So, the necessity of detailed information including a fair amount of compensation and legal fees are mandatory.

In terms of a serious claim, it might take more than three years to trial. For example, medical professionals are unable to give clear information or prediction about the victim’s health for two or two and a half years. That is why the lawyers are required to send a written notice of three months to the ICBC.

The usual timing is six months to sue any significantly injured people after the accident. This time is for giving space to the victim to show the reasonable claim. If the ongoing health problems go more than one and ten months after hiring lawyer, ICBC marks it as lowball offer because:

  • The patient might not wait for another three years to gain higher compensation
  • They might accept the offers much less than court dollars.


  • Claimants are asked to hire a lawyer right after the accident in case of severe condition
  • In less serious condition, the patient can take 3-5 months for hiring a lawyer
  • Obtaining assurance help the claimants to have legal actions by his lawyer right after hiring
  • The assurance supports to push for an early trial, manage fair settlement and no trail till 3/ 3.5 years

Some lawyer tends to delay because of due labor cost and the initial trial date. In the case of serious injuries, those lawyers with good tracking record manage sue and trial date easily and instantly.

  • If there is any delay in the legal system, the reason is the frequent number of people wanting trial dates
  • Pending trial creates more bargaining clouts to their victims
  • Litigation and agreement with ICBC make the general people feel relief and avoid unpleasant tension.

Final Words

ICBC enables a proper scope for people of all ages. The main objective of this organization is to manage road safety and personal safety. Customers must concern about their information while settling any agreement. ICBC tends to follow strict rules, and if any misconceptions occur, they can postpone their activities. Hope after read this article you found the answer of “how long does ICBC take to settle a claim?”