Can You File a Personal Injury Claim Without a Hospital Visit After an Accident?

Let’s say you experience a car or other kind of accident. Despite being shaken, you don’t “feel” injured, so you choose not to visit the emergency room or speak with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. A serious medical condition appears a week or ten days later.

Can you still make a personal injury claim and get money to cover your medical bills and lost wages? You have the legal right to do that. Or will you not be eligible for compensation because you didn’t get medical help right away after the accident?

It’s a challenging query. Continue reading to find out how the personal injury process functions – or doesn’t – if you delay seeking medical care after an accident but later discover that you have a latent injury and need compensation.


Why Do People Decline Medical Treatment After Accidents?

After an accident, you might be hesitant to get the care you require. However, delaying treatment might have some genuinely detrimental effects in the days and weeks that followed that accident.

People may choose not to seek medical attention after an accident for various reasons. Some people detest acknowledging their injuries because they believe it makes them appear “weak.” Some people try to treat themselves using first aid and over-the-counter medications because they dislike doctors.

Other people show signs of delayed injury. Stressful events like car accidents, dog bites, and head injuries release adrenaline. Anxiety covers up the pain. Some people might not notice they’ve been hurt until the adrenaline wears off, which could take hours or days.

What Can Happen if You Decline Medical Treatment?

Without evidence that you have been hurt, the negligent party’s insurance company will not pay you for your injury or injuries if you are injured as a result of a traffic accident or any other accident scenario.

You wouldn’t have any proof of your injury(s) if you did not go to the hospital or see a doctor after the accident. Additionally, connecting your damage or injuries to a particular accident will be more challenging the longer you put off getting a medical exam.

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What if You Wait and Seek Treatment Later?

You might also be unable to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled under Georgia state law if you wait and only later seek medical care. If you wait too long, the insurance provider for the party at fault might insist that your injuries weren’t severe.

Additionally, an insurance provider might assert that your injury was pre-existing and that their policyholder’s negligence did not cause it; instead, you had an earlier injury.

Let’s say you were hurt in a car accident but didn’t go to the doctor for a week. Since a whole week passed between the time of the injury and the time you scheduled the appointment, the insurance company might argue that your injury was not the result of that accident.

If you suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligence, every Georgia personal injury lawyer advises getting medical help immediately. If you wait, the insurance provider for the party at fault may lower your compensation or deny your claim altogether.

What Does It Take to be Compensated for an Injury?

To be eligible for compensation when you file a personal injury claim in Georgia, you (the “plaintiff”) and your injury attorney must show that the “defendant” (the party at fault) was negligent in a way that directly led to your injury or injuries.

And that’s just the beginning. Additionally, you and your lawyer must demonstrate that the defendant acted negligently enough to subject them to legal liability in Georgia for your medical costs, lost wages from being unable to work, as well as your pain, suffering, and suffering emotionally.

Without medical records, you can’t demonstrate that you have been injured; without them, the insurance company will deny your injury claim. A personal injury attorney might even decline to take your case.

After an Accident, Have a Medical Exam Promptly

After an accident, get a medical checkup. This will ensure that you haven’t suffered a concealed or latent injury that could become a severe medical issue, and if you have, you’ll be able to get treatment before the problem worsens.

You will need to succeed with a personal injury claim by providing the medical records and documentation. Seeing a doctor as soon as possible will also help your lawyer and enable you to receive the compensation you are entitled to.

All medical documents, invoices, and receipts should be copied and stored securely. Follow your doctor’s advice about prescription drugs, follow-up visits, treatment, and specialist referrals.

You guessed it, the negligent party’s insurance company might assert that you are not seriously injured if you do not follow your doctor’s advice.

How Will the Right Accident Lawyer Help You?

Following an injury, you should focus on regaining your health and returning to your regular routines. Allow a qualified accident attorney to negotiate with the insurance provider on your behalf.

In this state, most personal injury attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable negotiators. Avoid attempting to represent or negotiate on your behalf. The law is too complicated, and any statement or error you make could be used against you by the insurance company.

During those negotiations, if the insurance company does not make an acceptable settlement offer, your injury attorney has the right to file a lawsuit on your behalf, present the details of your injuries to a jury, and request that they rule in your favor by ordering the payment of damages.

What Will It Cost You to Seek Justice?

An Atlanta personal injury lawyer will meet you for a free initial consultation. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your rights and obtain the specialized legal counsel you require if you have been hurt due to someone else’s carelessness.

Suppose you and your lawyer decide to pursue a claim for personal injury. In that case, you won’t be charged an attorney’s fee until and unless your case results in a negotiated settlement or a jury verdict in your favor.

According to Georgia state law, those who have been harmed due to negligence are protected and have a right to compensation and justice. The law will be on your side if you file a personal injury claim in this state after being hurt due to someone else’s negligence.

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